For 140 years, people have been the engine of our pioneering spirit, the true energy of our planet.
We have invested in technology and avant-garde solutions, striving for higher excellence every time.
Always thinking towards the future.

Future, a land unexplored.

Through innovation, which inspires us every day, we have the chance to design it. To feed it.

We feed the future.

Our mission

  • We constantly challenge the boundaries of all the fields we explore, setting trends across the world.

    For this reason, we decided to explore Expo Milano 2015 with the support of special correspondents - the Innovation Team.

    Multinational in our DNA, we outline a completely new vision that will illustrate Expo Milano 2015 through four topics which perfectly sum up our perspective.
  • We are leaders in innovation; we have always focused on progressive and cutting edge research, pushing forward the boundaries of technology.

    Sustainability motivates us to efficiently balance the economic, social, and environmental aspects of our business, always looking for innovative solutions to limit our impact on our world.
  • Emotions are the motive force in our world, which drives us to be the protagonist in Formula One and in more than 250 other championships all over the world.

    We have always invested in art and culture, from the economic and social development of Milan in the early 20th century, to exhibitions of contemporary street artists. This continues to be a guiding force in our company.